Brightsky Capital (Pty) Ltd (“Brightsky Capital”) is a registered Financial Services Provider (“FSP”) registered with the FSCA and has a Cat I and Cat II license number 46903.

Brightsky Capital manages various funds across multiple sectors. Sectors of interest are: agriculture & hydroponics, property, mining and technology

Brightsky Capital will be responsible for the day to day fund management and the investment advisory services and provide the overall asset management services in conjunction with its external professional partners from time to time.

Transparency is a crucial element to our business approach, not just to our investors, but to other parties and stakeholders too. It is another goal of ours’ to build and maintain strong ties with service providers and industry partners in order create a reputation as a strong, dynamic, trustworthy team that can be relied upon to deliver projects of any scale, or any level of complexity.

Brightsky Capital has established a footprint in the United Kingdom ( focusing on Property Investment. Brightsky Capital targets particular property investments based on its internal criteria, located in major metropolitan areas within the United Kingdom. Each property investment will have its own unique set of investors and will be structured as private equity investments and defined as an alternative investment class.

The Brightsky Capital team is based in Johannesburg (South Africa) and London (United Kingdom) and comprises a unique blend of technical, corporate, legal and financial skills with extensive property industry experience in investment, project finance, property development, consulting and operations in numerous countries throughout the world.

Brightsky Participation Bond Scheme

This is a new participation mortgage bond scheme managed by Fedgroup Participation Bond Managers (Pty) Ltd.

A Participation Bond is an investment that combines consistent returns with capital security. It’s a popular option with individuals of all ages, as well as pension funds (qualify under several categories of Regulation 28), fund managers, trusts, charities and schools.

Brightsky Partbond is seeking Investment/funding partners who require an annuity income stream, fixed or floating rate. Systems and process and deal pipeline in place.
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